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Simplovation Web.Maps.VE is now Free, Open Source!!

Web.Maps.VE is the first ASP.NET Ajax Bing Maps Server Control. Allowing you to integrate Bing Maps mapping functionality into your ASP.NET Web Forms applications without requring you to write any JavaScript. Even though you are not required to write JavaScript, there is still a FULL JavaScript API exposed that allows you to customize the map any way you want.

I am very happy to announce that Web.Maps.VE is now Free and Open Source!

Nuget Package

Install Web.Maps.VE via Nuget

Easy to Use!

<Simplovation:Map runat="server" ID="Map1" Width="700px" Height="450px" CssClass="map" />

The sample website shown in the below screenshots is available from the Source Code tab above.
It has never been easier for you to add Bing Maps capabilities to your ASP.NET Web Forms application!

This project was created by Chris Pietschmann.

Latest News

2014-04-25 - I, Chris Pietschmann, have decided to release the previously closed source Web.Maps.VE as Open Source; thus returning this control to its root. The latest version 4.00.00 is identical to the latest v3.01.00 that was previously available for sale, but with the license restrictions removed.

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