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Web.Maps.VE Documentation

The documentation here has been archived from the content that used to be hosted on the Simplovation website before this control was Open Sourced.

v1.0 Tutorials

Although these tutorials are written for v1.0 they should work with only minor changes with v4 of the control.


The General tutorials demonstrate the basics of implementing the Web.Maps.VE control.

Functionality Overview Screencast

Map manipulation overview using server-side code screencast

Getting Started

Basic Event Handling


Even though the purpose of Web.Maps.VE is to abstract out the JavaScript necessary when traditionally implementing MS Virtual Earth mapping, it still exposes its functionality through an easy to use JavaScript API. This JavaScript API allows even more custom mapping implemenations to be created.

Basic JavaScript Event Handling

Advanced JavaScript/Ajax Concepts

These tutorials cover more advanced scenarios of customizing Web.Maps.VE using JavaScript and Ajax.

Dynamically Load Bing Maps InfoBox using Ajax

Sample Applications

These are really simple example usages of the Web.Maps.VE control.

Distance Calculator

Route Planner

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