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10/3/2008 - Microsoft has deprecated the older versions of Virtual Earth (v2, 3, 4 and 5) and consequentially the PietschSoft.VE mapping control no longer works, since it supports only Virtual Earth v4.
You can find more info about the deprecation of older versions of VE here:

10/15/2007 - I have just released the newest version of the best ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Virtual Earth mapping server control with FULL AJAX Support for implementing Virtual Earth mapping within your ASP.NET 2.0 Application. I introduce you to the all NEW Simplovation.Web.Maps.VE control! It is no longer hosted here at CodePlex. Go to for more information!

3/6/2007 - The first Alpha release (v2.0.0) of the new AJAX version of the control has been released. This release doesn't have a very full set of features; that is actually the reason it is marked as Alpha.

3/1/2007 - I made some progress today! I finally figured out how to use TypeConverters and the JSON serializer to get the map control properties that are custom .NET objects and collections down to the client side. This was the big issue that was holding things up. I'm hoping to have the first release of the new AJAX version done soon.

2/14/2007 - This project is not dead (I know I haven't released anything in a while); I am still working on the new ASP.NET AJAX version. I just haven't had much time to work on it the last few weeks. I am resuming work on it this week, so hopefully I'll have the first release of the new AJAX version up in the coming weeks. Much thanks to all interested in this control, it's much inspiration.

12/15/2006 - The new rewrite is taking longer than expected since there is a lack of documentation on using the AJAX Extensions ScriptControl base class. I am working on getting it done as soon as I can.

12/2/2006 - I am currently rewriting the control from scratch. I don't know what the new version number will be, but I'm thinking of making it 2.0. This new version will have full support of the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions.

11/15/2006 - The current release of the control (v0.05) does work with Virtual Earth v4. To enable it to use v4 you just need to set the VEMapJSInclude property of the VEMap object to point to the Virtual Earth v4 JS file ( The next release of the control will support v4 by default. If you would like to see it working with v4, then check out the Sample Site (

11/10/2006 - I've decided to change the name of this project to PietschSoft.VE. In the next release of the component I will be movig it over to use Virtual Earth v4. I'll get it up here as soon as I can.

11/7/2006 - Microsoft released v4 of Virtual Earth yesterday. The Virtual Earth map control now supports 3D mode! I'm leaning towards spinning off a new project using this code base for the new version of VE. I'll make a final decision in the next few days on what I'm going to do with this project.
Virtual Earth 3D Launches -

11/1/2006 - I am planning on resuming work on the project soon. Yesterday, I heard that on Nov. 7th Microsoft will be releasing a new version of Virtual Earth. Depending on what things change, I may be spawning a new project from this one for the new version.
New Map Control - November 7, 2006:

9/13/2006 - Microsoft released Virtual Earth v3.1 yesterday. I tested out the control and everything seems to still work, but there are now more features that I need to implement. Also, I've been a bit busy lately and that's why there hasn't been a new release of the control in a couple weeks.

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