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Web.Maps.VE v1.0 Tutorials

Getting Started

In this article we will go over the basics of implementing MS Virtual Earth mapping capabilities in an ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application using the Web.Maps.VE v1.0 mapping server control from Simplovation.

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This article assumes you have already downloaded/installed the following onto your development workstation:

Create Website that is ready for Mapping

Open Visual Studio 2005 and create a New Web Site, make sure you pick the ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Web Site Template.

Create the Bin folder and copy both of the following DLL's into it:
  • AjaxControlToolkit.dll
  • Simplovation.Web.Maps.VE.dll

Alright, now our Web Site is all ready to add mapping.

Place a Map on the Page

Open up the Default.aspx page of the Web Site we just created above.

Register the Simplovation.Web.Maps.VE component to be used on the Page by adding a Register directive for it at the top of the Page.

Now, add a Web.Maps.VE Map control to the page by adding a <Simplovation:Map /> tag to the page.

Note: The Map control requires there to be a ScriptManager control on the Page, and it must be declared anywhere on the page above the Map.

Now, run the Web Site and you will see a default Map on the Page.

Plot a Pushpin on the Map

Open up the code for the Default.aspx pages Page Load event handler, and add the following code:

Now, run the Web Site and you will see the Pushpin plotted on the Map.

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